Introducing Wolf River Studio

      Welcome to the Art & Photography of Gregory Mayse

    Over the course of my creative career, dating back to 1980,  I have been involved with art and photography. At this stage of my life I wanted to create a venture that would showcase my talents as both and artist and photographer. To share my images and experiences with the world.

    I have always felt that I wanted to share my experiences in nature with others. Here, I present to you my photographs of the natural world. You will also find a selection of my oil paintings, which are inspired from my photographic images. 

   When thinking of a name for my new venture, I wanted to incorporate things that are very important influences in my life. When it comes to wildlife, my favorite is the WOLF, which I believe is a majestic animal,  a survivor, and a leader. Choosing the word RIVER shows my appreciation of flowing water. I find great peace in paddling a canoe or kayak on a calm lake or river. I also enjoy the excitement of paddling the canoe along fast flowing rivers or white-water kayaking through rapids.

    During a trip a couple years ago to Vancouver Island, it was while riding in an inflatable boat that was zooming across the water, smacking each wave as it hit the boat, spraying ice cold water on my face, that I am reminded how alive being on the water makes me feel. It was an added bonus when we spotted the whale and sea lions. 

   My outdoor inspirations started long ago, while exploring the natural world behind my childhood home in northern Ohio. My parents also liked to take my brother and I camping around the Midwest. They were also always taking us to our grandparents farms in Kentucky. You read about Pooh and The Hundred Acre Wood, my Grandad Mayse did actually have 100 acres to explore. It was full of hills, streams and ponds. My Grandad Eldridge also owned a large farm not far from my other Grandad's that was full of the same type of wonderful terrain.

   In my adult life, I have been inspired by the writings of John Muir, Aldo Leopold, Jane Goodall, Thoreau, Emerson, and adventurers like Lewis and Clark. Meriweather Lewis and I share the same birthday. 

  I would like to thank my wife and son, my parents, and my brother for their support along this adventurous journey I call my life. Thanks to every family member, friend, colleague, instructor and client who have led me down this bend in the river. Thanks to Gene and Marlee Wobser for sharing your canoe adventures in the North Country.

   I hope each visitor to my site may find a connection between the adventures they may have had... or are seeking, and my images and artwork. Thank you for coming along on the journey.